Some of My Favorite and Very Essential Kitchen Aids

Ever wonder what your favorite must have kitchen items are? I took a cursory look through my kitchen inventory and I also used my memory to come up with a list of my favorite gadgets and devices for cooking in my kitchen. I really enjoy cooking so I made a shortlist of my essential cooking accessories. I start my list with one of the most important tools, a good high quality kitchen knife. A 6 to 10 inch Chef’s knife would be my cutting tool of choice. Mincing, slicing and chopping are tasks often called for in most recipes that I normally follow.


An electric knife sharpener is also a must have item in my kitchen. Professional cutlery comes with a sharp edge that only lasts so long and I often end up using my Chef’s knife for everything from cutting chicken legs to peeling fruit skins. My best electric knife sharpener has a slot for the coarse wheel and also a slot with a fine wheel. It is pretty easy to use. I simply draw the knife through the slots and the sharpener already has an angle of about 20° making the stone hit the knife blade perfectly. I typically start with the coarsest stone first and then slowly draw the knife through twice. Then I do the same with the finest stone and always end up with a good sharp knife blade.

Temperature and safety go hand-in-hand in the kitchen. A meat thermometer is definitely essential and assures safety. There’s no guessing with a thermometer, they are very easy-to-use and leave no room for error. Cooking poultry can be especially dangerous because of bacteria and the USDA states that using a thermometer is the only reliable way to make sure that meat is cooked to a safe temperature. Whether you’re making a holiday turkey or baking a cake of thermometer takes away all the doubt. I have very simple thermometer that just pokes right into the meat. Those type are the best IMO and you can calibrate them very easily in a glass of cold ice water.

A very important part of cooking is mixing things that is why I am including mixers here as well. Whether you are kneading dough for pizza or bread or battering eggs, a mixer is an essential component in my kitchen. There are many varieties of mixers. With everything from hand held mixers to stand mixers this is a pretty wide category. I wish that I had one of those old time hand mixers like my mom had. The ultimate kitchen aid is the stand mixer with all the accessories. Stand mixers can take the place of a hand mixer, a wooden spoon and is pretty good at whisking eggs with a wire whip accessory. The stand mixer can be used as a juicer, a strainer, a grinder and food processor plus it can also be used as a blender. There are also accessories for doing things like making ice cream and pasta cutting and even rolling. He even attach a meat grinder and a sausage suffer to a stand mixer.


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