3 Benefits Of Investing In A Custom Made Mascot For Your Company

A cougar custom made mascot pretending to play a trumpe

Have you ever seen the mascots at footy games or at business functions and thought about what one for your company would look like? Well, it doesn’t need to be a fantasy, as buying some custom made mascots for your business is a lot easier and more affordable than you think.

It’s not just a novelty – there are tangible benefits to investing in this type of addition for your business. To give you a better idea of the value of this investment, the following will examine the top 3 benefits of investing in custom made mascots for your company.

Your competitors probably aren’t thinking of it

Depending on the size of your business, and the type of industry you are in, investing in a custom made mascot could be a really unique tactic that your competitors would never have thought of. If you have one and your competitors don’t, you will instantly be thought of as more prominent and successful than they are.

Most of the time, small to medium-sized businesses are going the route of more traditional marketing methods. While other forms of marketing like digital marketing are essential to attract new customers, supplementing those bread and butter tactics with a custom made mascot could be the thing that really sets you apart and make your business unique.

It’s even better if you already use a character in your logo – bring them to life!

Draws attention to your brand

Of course, using a custom made mascot with your brand name on it will give you a major boost in presence. The novelty of this kind of character is too hard for people to ignore, making them perfect for crowded areas where other marketing messages get lost in the din of auditory and visual noise.

Unlike a billboard ad or ad on a website that people have learned to tune out, a custom made mascot is a dynamic form of advertising that’s difficult to ignore. Even people who are not in your target market will enjoy the novelty of the character’s presence and will spread the word about your brand, increasing the mindshare your business enjoys.

For example, lots of people will see your custom made mascot and want to take a photo with them. This novel experience they share with social media becomes free advertising for your brand. In this way, it is one of the best ways to increase the presence of your brand in people’s minds so that they remember you when they need your products or services.

It is designed holistically

When you decide to invest in a custom made mascot, you get the benefits of having them made by a company that understands what it’s like to be a performer and will create the ultimate costume. This means commissioning a costume that is performer-friendly, allowing for great vision and comfort that enables them to do their job without the need for a ‘minder’ who ruins the allusion that the character is real.

This means you would have a custom made mascot that is superior to the others and ensures your character really stands out. The costumes can even be designed so well that the performer can do acrobatics in them.

There are lots of good reasons why investing in a custom made mascot is a great move for your business to make. In a day and age where this kind of advertising might be dismissed by other companies, actually going the extra mile to create a physical character who represents your brand can really help you stand out.