3 Facts about Rubbish Removal in Sydney


There are some things in life that are unavoidable, one of which is excess waste. It is impossible to avoid garbage, whether it comes from daily activities such as cooking, or occasional jobs like home renovations. Although this is something we cannot avoid, it does not mean it is something we can ignore and pass off an unimportant. This is why rubbish removal Sydney services are so important. Keep reading to find out three interesting facts about rubbish removal in Sydney.


Fact 1: Waste is starting to be disposed of properly

pile of garbage

With an ever increasing awareness of what people are doing to the Earth, there has been more interest in ensuring we look after it. This has led to concerns about what we do with our excess waste and where it goes. It has become clear that landfills are not an acceptable option anymore. As a result of this, there has been a push to find better alternatives. Although worldwide, landfills are still a popular option, many rubbish removal in Sydney companies are opting to divert waste elsewhere. It is important to recognise that 2015 was a big year in regards to disposing of waste in more environmentally friendly ways; 95% of recyclable waste, 97% of organic waste and 55% of domestic waste were diverted away from landfills. There is clearly still room for improvement, but rubbish removal in Sydney is certainly helping to aid this change in thinking.


Fact 2: Australia is one of the biggest worldwide waste producers

Each year, every country produces a certain amount of waste. The unfortunate truth is that Australia is one of the highest waste producers worldwide. This may sound shocking, and it really is. But you may also be wondering how this is possible when the population of Australia is considerably less than other countries such as the UK and America. Well, the number is not worked out based on the population as a whole, but how much waste is produced per person. Essentially, Australians are producing more domestic waste per person than many other countries. You are probably now wondering who the biggest waste producer worldwide is; that title goes to the Americans who produce the most domestic waste. It is clear that Australia has a problem when it comes to waste; this is why rubbish removal in Sydney is so important. These companies are working hard to help us Aussies dispose of our excess waste in the least harmful and more environmentally friendly way.


Fact 3: Australians are concerned about waste

As one of the biggest worldwide waste producers, it may come as a surprise that Australians are concerned about it. Statistics have highlighted that 69% of Australians are worried about waste. However, this leads to the question, are we worried about it on a large scale? Or are Australians only concerned with the waste on their doorstep? It is important to start with what we can control, and that is with the waste in our homes. So, if you have lots of excess waste, or items you want to get rid of, your best option is to contact rubbish removal in Sydney. These companies will be able to help you properly get rid of anything you no longer need or want.

Although it is clear that excess waste is a problem countrywide, it is also important to note that positive changes are beginning to happen. Rubbish removal in Sydney is making a big difference in terms of how we dispose of our waste and is working hard to help Australians understand the negative ramifications of keeping things they no longer need.