3 Reasons Why Reclaimed Teak Is The Best Choice For Outdoor Furniture

Affordable reclaimed teak furniture

Reclaimed teak is a fairly popular choice for outdoor furniture, and for good reasons too. Reclaimed teak provides many advantages over different types of hardwood alternatives. It is especially a good outdoor furniture choice due to its many natural advantages it has, as it is suited for a natural and outdoor environment, whereas other hardwood alternatives would not be at all. These advantages come from the natural properties of the material which make it very durable and strong, even in an outdoor environment, and aesthetically pleasing. Many people nowadays have backyards, and with a backyard, you will want to have outdoor furniture so you can relax and enjoy nature. There are many options out there for outdoor furniture, but affordable reclaimed teak undoubtedly is one of the best options for it due to its many advantages that suits an outdoor environment. If you are currently renovating or just looking for outdoor furniture for your backyard, then here are 3 reasons why reclaimed teak is the best choice for outdoor furniture.


Strength and durability

Reclaimed teak is known for being very strong and durable due to its natural properties. This strength means that it will take a lot for it to bend at all or break, in comparison to hardwood alternatives. This makes it perfect for outdoor environments as any weather conditions that would otherwise affect other forms of outdoor furniture would not affect reclaimed teak. Rain will not make it bend due to the moisture, the sun will not change its color in a bad way and wind will not break it. With such a durable material, it makes it perfect for the outdoors where it will survive and endure against any weather conditions it is put in.


Low maintenance

Reclaimed teak is definitely a low maintenance option. Many hardwood alternatives require a significant amount of maintenance in order to keep it looking nice as well as to keep its durability. Reclaimed teak does not get affected by weather, which means it will not change shape when drenched in water over time. Furthermore, it can change colour if it is in the sun for a long time, however it looks aesthetically pleasing regardless of the colour that it changes into. However, if you do not want it to change colour, it can be sprayed to maintain its original colour. If it needs to be cleaned, it can simply be cleaned with water and soap every so often and that is all it takes.

If you are looking for a low maintenance form of outdoor furniture, then this option is definitely for you.


Environmentally sustainable

Reclaimed teak is an environmentally sustainable option for outdoor furniture, which is something that we should all be looking to do due to climate change. Other hardwood alternatives rely on deforestation for their material which can often end up damaging the environment significantly. Reclaimed teak comes from a material that has been recycled and reused to create outdoor furniture. Reducing your carbon footprint should be a priority for all people, and using this material is a good way to do that. Other hardwood alternatives would not be environmentally sustainable.


In summary, reclaimed teak is one of the best options for outdoor furniture due to the many advantages it brings. These advantages include being very strong and durable regardless of the weather conditions and environment, it is low maintenance and it is an environmentally sustainable option. For these reasons, it is definitely one of the best options for outdoor furniture and should be considered for your own property.