A Beginner’s Guide On Making Fun Balloon Columns


Balloon columns from Balloon Saloon can be a great addition to a birthday event, a wedding, an anniversary party or an engagement ceremony! Not only that, these pillars can look very impressive and classy, particularly if you don’t rush the design and you take your time. So, if you have a party or function in the not-too-distant future, read this step by step guide on creating easy and fun balloon columns.


What you’ll need

Obviously, you are going to need some high-quality balloons. For example, let’s say we’re going to build a dual-coloured pillar. For a tower that is around 2.2 metres in height, you’ll probably need approximately 10 of each colour. On top of this, you’ll need a sizer, an electric inflator and a pre-prepared stand that will support your tower. If you’re not sure what a sizer is, do a quick Google search and check out the images. Basically, it’s a large hollow-shaped box that is used to measure the size of your inflatables (specifically, the diameter).


Step 1: Inflate

Take four inflatables, two of each colour, and begin inflating. Make sure that each one is the same size by using the sizer device. Then tie them off into clusters.

How to tie into clusters?

You’re probably a little confused as to how to tie them off into clusters. Well, the best way to achieve this is to fill up your first inflatable and then inflate the second, before knotting the second directly onto the neck of the first one. This is the most difficult part of making balloon columns, however, with time and practice, you’ll be an expert.


Step 2: Forming the base

At this stage, you’ll have two inflatables knotted together. They should be of the same colour! Basically, you want to repeat the knotting process with the other two leftover inflatables. Once you have them knotted together, you want to cross the two pairs together. After crossing them over each other, twist the clusters around. If they don’t stick together or hold their shape, don’t worry! When in doubt, just use a small piece of sticky tape or cord to hold the four inflatables in place. These can be placed at the base of your stand.


Step 3: Repeat the process

You’ll find that the four inflatables at the base of balloon columns should hold snug against the support stand. If not, just place a small bit of tape to hold the cluster together. Now that you have the base in place, you can begin layering more inflatables on top. Always do this in clusters of four for the sake of symmetry and consistency. Try and layer the same coloured inflatables over one another, unless of course you’re trying to create a more staggered array of balloon columns. At the end of the day, the choice is up to you and the options are limitless!


Step 4: Sparking it up in the middle

Some party planners must spark up their balloon columns, either because they feel must do something different or the situation requires it. Sometimes, party designers will try and create balloon columns that look like public lamps or lights in the street. Basically, you have conventional 11” latex inflatables at the bottom (generally the bottom four) and use smaller inflatables along the pillar. Much like the base, it’s preferable to use larger inflatables at the top of the pillar, creating the illusion that the tower has a “light” fixed to the top.



At the end of the day, the way you design your inflatable towers is up to you. Do your research on what style will work the best given your situation and if you think the process is a little too complicated, just get in touch with a professional provider!