A Guide to Hiring Demolition Services in Sydney

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If you are thinking of renovating, you may want to knock down old fixtures, walls and door frames as part of the process. This likely is not going to be something you will want to do yourself – it can be dangerous and messy. For a safe, tidy, high-quality job, hiring demolition services Sydney firms is the best option.

When it is necessary to hire help

As previously mentioned, if you are looking to renovate your home, office or shop, you may want to get rid of certain parts of the building, such as removing a wall to open up a room. Additionally, if you are looking to sell your property, it may be necessary to knock down any extras fittings you have added, to increase the likelihood of selling.

What demolition services in Sydney can do

A good team will be safe, respectful, friendly and organised. The business should be affordable and easy to work with. They can provide a range of solutions, including but not limited to:

  • Floor removal
  • Wall removal
  • Door and door frame removal
  • Shed or garage deconstruction
  • Concrete slab removal
  • Disposal of debris and tidy up
  • Recycling of debris

Necessary steps to take beforehand

Before enlisting the help of demolition services in Sydney, you will have to contact your local council first. You will need to obtain a permit and make any required preparations before the bulldozers come in. To obtain a permit, the property must first be fenced off and have its utilities abolished. It may also need to be rat-baited for several weeks beforehand. This process may take around 2-3 months in total, and may be the longest part of your project.

How much demolition services in Sydney cost

The price depends on the property’s size, the materials it uses, and whether extra structures like pools or sheds need to be removed. Clearing vegetation can cost money too. Generally, pricing goes by square foot. The average project costs about $18,000, though some cost as little as $3,000 and others may cost upwards of $25,000. It really depends how grand the project is!


What happens to the waste

Some demolition services in Sydney may simply take the debris to landfill, whereas others may have a more detailed recycling program. Companies which recycle may take a longer amount of time as they have to remove recyclable materials bit-by-bit while they wait for the required sub-contractors show up to recycle them. There may be different sub-contractors for different materials, such as organics, bricks, and tiles. Typically, the higher the variation in types of materials, the longer the process takes.

If you want to reuse materials from the property for yourself, tell your provider before signing the contract as they may not have considered this in their quote. Often they may give a lower quote as they plan to sell some of the materials they are removing from the property. Unfortunately, this means you may have to pay a bit more to salvage your materials, as businesses often make money by selling certain waste items.


Final things to consider

  • You may want to check your house for asbestos before contacting demolition services in Sydney – ensure that this is done by a professional.
  • Make sure the title of the property is in your name before applying for a permit.
  • Abolish your utilities in advance; this may take up to 20 days to take effect.


There are several things you must take into consideration before hiring demolition services in Sydney. In the long-run, hiring a professional will give you more reliable, safer and high-quality results.