Are Designer Swimsuits Worth The Expense?

Woman wearing a body-positive designer swimsuit

The perfect beach body needs a perfect swimsuit to help flaunt it. But up to 600 dollars for two triangles makes no sense at all! Your entire body is already on display and yet these swimsuits cost more than multiple dresses combined. Are they worth getting broke over? Let’s find out:


  • The cost of designer swimsuits rises with the quality of stitching. A well-tailored, well-cut suit looks great, doesn’t wedge between your legs, the seam flatters your waist, the high-cut legs, and the seat accentuates your back. A lot of engineering goes into ensuring that the small fabric remains supportive and aesthetic simultaneously.
  • High price swimsuits usually use high-quality fabric that is light and comfortable against the skin. Moreover, the quality of fabric determines the number of uses one can get out of it. A well-tailored, designer swimsuit can be worn in good shape for up to 200 times even! That’s durability right there.
  • A seamless, body-positive swimsuit provides support to women with different body types. It ensures they can walk, swim and run carefree on the beach without the fear of their body accidentally flashing others. This anxiety-free beach-going experience is certainly worth the money!


  • The stitching matters considerably indeed. However, durability can also be found in swimsuit sands. Many brands prefer durability over aesthetics over a range of economical swimsuits! Why spend on a pricey one just because it is somewhat prettier?
  • How many times a year would an average person wear a swimsuit anyway? Around 2-3 maybe for those living far from the beach and 15-16 for those living closer. The amount of swimsuit simply does not match the number of uses needed for it. What’s the point of buying something that costs equal to your rent when you don’t even need it most of the time?
  • Having fun at the beach does not require a swimsuit. You can comfortably sport a dress or any other comfortable item of clothing and have a blast at the ocean. Even if you wear a swimsuit, it will be covered when you are in the water or using a cover-up anyway.
  • Most of the time it is the name of the brand that is driving up the prices and not the quality of the swimsuit itself. That itself is the reason why that piece of cloth would not be a wise investment. You can get a cheaper one at a less known brand and still have a good time.

Summing up from the conversation above, one can deduce that there are considerable pros and cons for both sides of the argument. If you are a person who needs to use a swimsuit a significant number of times every year, it is a good bet to buy a quality product. Moreover, if you are unable to find body-positive swimwear that supports your body in the way you want in a lower price range, it makes sense to buy up the money chain. However, in most scenarios, a cheaper swim suit is just as useful and will be way lighter on the wallet. Moreover, if it is cheap you will not be afraid to accidentally lose it or to change it up whenever you want. Hence, it is your decision what you want to put on your body and spend from your wallet! Just do it as per your own body’s comfort and needs!