Finding Criminal Lawyers in Melbourne

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If you have stumbled upon a bad phase of life and are in need of a criminal lawyer, there are some things you need to know before hiring a lawyer. In this article, we will provide you some guidelines to help you choose the right lawyer for you, as well as provide a shortlist of the most revered criminal lawyers in Melbourne

Tips for choosing a Criminal Lawyer: 

Criminal law is very different than commercial or family law. From the legislation to prosecution to trial to penalties, it requires legal representation well-versed in its niche. Say you get charged with murder for hitting someone with your car on a rainy night. The right lawyer can guide you about the difference between murder and manslaughter, and drastically change how the trial will look for you.

In choosing a lawyer, experience matters a lot. However, experience in the case you are embroiled in would be the most valuable. If your lawyer has clients similar to you, they are more likely to be able to help you than a lawyer who has rarely handled a case of your sort. However, the experience is not the only thing that matters. It is important for a lawyer to be professional in their conduct and treat your case with due diligence. If you book an appointment, or have a phone call or any interaction with your lawyer, and find their conduct offputting, you two might not be a good fit. Terminate the contract and find someone else. 

It is absolutely imperative to have a lawyer who communicates honestly with you, even if the subject matter is harsh. If a lawyer is giving you tall promises of getting you an innocent verdict for sure, that is a red sign. If a lawyer is forcing you to sign a plea bargain without hearing your side of the story, they are in a hassle and trying to do away with your case. Your lawyer should be able to tell you the ugly truth and prepare you for what to expect. 

Finally, if your lawyer is embroiled in any controversies or public scandals, and your case is also of public significance, better stay away from them. 

Cases of Criminal Lawyers in Melbourne:

Melbourne criminal lawyer meeting a client

  • Traffic Law
    A conviction for a “serious traffic offense” results in the automatic suspension of a driver’s license. In addition to the term of license disqualification imposed by the judge, if a driver is convicted of three “serious traffic offenses” in five years, Roads and Maritime Services suspends the driver’s license for five years under a Habitual Traffic Offender Declaration. Lawyers can help get the charge canceled, or negotiate a lower penalty fee with the court or enroll the client in community service programs instead of a monitory penalty. 
  • Assault
    To prove assault causing real bodily harm, the prosecutor must persuade the court beyond a reasonable doubt that there was an assault (see definition) that resulted in injury or harm that “need not be permanent but must be more than merely temporary or trifling.” Depending on whether a local or municipal court hears your case, you need a good lawyer to get you a proportional sentence. It may include: Conviction with or without another penalty, suspended penalty, community service order, or full/half-time custodial sentence

On the same line as the above two crimes, criminal lawyers also deal with cases of theft, domestic violence, rape, assault, fraud, child abuse, drug cases, resisting arrest case, and so on.