How To Get Cheap Rubbish Removal

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We’ve pulled together a guide on keeping your costs low for rubbish removal in Sydney, read on below for tips on not blowing your budget.


Ask about promotions

A lot of rubbish removal Sydney providers offer promotional pricing for first time customers or may be able to offer your discounts on their services if you’re a regular customer. It’s always worth asking about whether they can knock anything off the price, they might be able to find ways to save you money.

A lot of providers will have great insider knowledge on waste management or ways to dispose of trash in cost effective ways – it’s part of their business model and an important factor in making them profitable so they might be able to help you out with an agreeable price or a solution that fits your budget.


Look for providers that resell items in good condition

A lot of rubbish removal services work with local stores or online retailers to resell old items that are in good condition. This can be a great little profit stream for companies and can help them to keep their costs low.

If you seek out companies providing rubbish removal in Sydney that resell items you might expect to see some cost savings on your final bill.

If you don’t want to leave this up to the company you hire then consider asking around about place that resell second hand items, as you may be able to sell some of your items yourself and pocket the money. This could go towards the cost of your rubbish removal in Sydney needs.


Reuse and recycle old items

old clothes

A good way to keep your costs low when throwing about old things is to reuse and recycle your old items. It’s possible to do this yourself by taking items to recyclers, or by upcycling old furniture for new purposes. It’s surprisingly easy to give your furniture a new lease on life, sometimes a coat of paint or some new lacquer can really do the trick.

A lot of cheap rubbish removal providers will also offer their own reuse or recycling programs and can take all of the work out of it for you. They often know and work with a lot of the local recycling waste management facilities and often have their own sorting yards so that they can send all your old stuff off to the right places.

Not only is this a more green solution to throwing away your old junk, but it can save you a lot of money.


Get a quote

The best way to find cost effective services is to ask for a quote and compare local businesses. This will help you to find the most reasonable price. Some local businesses may even price match or be negotiable on their pricing so it might be possible to get the cost down further.


Donate items

Giving your old stuff away is a great way to keep costs low. A lot of charities or local businesses will be happy to take furniture, electronic and other items off your hands for free, they’ll even come to pick it up themselves, saving you transfer costs and time.

Donating can be a great way to reduce the cost of getting rid of old things, especially if you have large items like white goods or your sofa to get rid of.


Service inclusions are cost savers

Many businesses will throw in extra services like cleaning, this can save you a lot of time and money. No need to get an additional service in or do it yourself, they will do it as a bonus.