How to Know if Your Divorce Lawyer in Sydney is Looking Out for Your Best Interests

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Hiring a family court Sydney lawyer expert in divorce can be an unwanted but necessary step for a spouse who wants to protect his or her own assets and not be hampered by the breakdown in the relationship.

These experienced professionals know how to negotiate the legal process as they guide their client through the ramifications of the case and what they can expect.

However, there are occasions where individuals feel as though their solicitor is not working entirely in their best interests.

Whether it is due to a lack of understanding, a build up of cases, poor personal skills or a conflict of interest, this is a scenario that deserves further scrutiny.

Let us outline some examples that defines a quality operator, separating out those who are not working in your best interests.


They Don’t Sugarcoat The Situation

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Complete honest is a policy that is paramount for a divorce lawyer in Sydney. Discussions that are held between the solicitor and the client are 100% confidential and in this protected environment, there can be no sugarcoating the situation. If there are fines and penalties that are faced, the loss of key assets or child visitation rights to potential jail time, it is the duty of the legal representative to spell out what the reality is. This will allow a coherent strategy and plan to be established, because an attorney that leaves you in the dark about the potential consequences are servicing no one’s benefit.


They Offer Regular To Semi-Regular Case Updates

A divorce lawyer in Sydney can not be available 24 hours of the day and 7 days a week. Whether they are on the clock researching the case to obtain documentation and talk to interested parties, dealing with another case they have been assigned or simply off the clock, they cannot be on call always at the client’s convenience. Yet you can be aware they are operating in your best interests if they give regular to semi-regular updates. That can arrive in person during appointments, through phone calls, text messages or emails.


They Offer a Number of Pathways and Solutions

Your divorce lawyer in Sydney will make mediation and negotiation a central priority and a driving force that will attempt to avoid a legal fight in the courts. Yet this is a relationship where nothing should be taken off the table if there is a belief that the other spouse is not working in good faith and there is the threat of the loss of child custody or a home. They will be able to outline a blueprint for challenging decisions, seeking to sue for damages or simply agreeing to terms to bring the matter to an end.


They Offer Additional Service Assistance

Your divorce lawyer in Sydney is not trained to operate as a mental health professional. Although they can talk you through the anguish and try and offer tangible solutions that will improve a bad situation, the best they can do in this realm is make recommendations and appointments with these services. From a therapist to physical therapy sessions that alleviates stress and anxiety from the body, there are extra steps that can be taken that prove they are working in your best interests.


They Strongly Advocate For Your Position

Irrespective of the counsel that is offered by your divorce lawyer in Sydney, the role of the solicitor is to advocate for the position and guide the client through this process. They will stand firmly side-by-side during the key talks and file for motions that you desire. There can be rare circumstances where they will push back if these actions are deemed illegal or out of the realm of what a divorce attorney provides, but their key role is to provide representation.