The 4 Infamous Glass Water Pipes for The Modern Smoker

The 4 Infamous Glass Water Pipes for The Modern Smoker

Glass water pipes or ‘bongs’ as they are more colloquially referred to are filled with potential excitement and incredibly flexible features and attributes. The spirit of innovation is strong with this industry, as smokers tend to get a little more creative when it comes to creating new and exciting ways to enjoy some good times and great classic hits.

In the history of smoking paraphernalia, there have been no shortage of innovative and creative solutions being presented, from humorous takes on everyday products, to streamlined and technologically advanced models. When it comes to glass water pipes, there’s simply no more room for uninspired products.

This is where this article takes its shape, we wanted to have a look at some of the more inspired pieces of yesteryear and explore just how far the glass water pipes industry has come in such a short amount of time.

These are the top 4 infamous glass water pipes that you may want to track down for your next purchase.

1.    The Gatorbeug

The myth, the legend, the irreversible means that many Australians had as their first foray into the smoking world. Before buying glass water pies, many Aussies made do with a Gatorade bottle, a slice of hose, and a pocket full of dreams. There were many hazy memories associated with these humble beginnings, and now that most of the smokers have grown up – they’ve immortalized it and made it a little safer to smoke with for the next generation.

The Gatorbeug is still designed on the original packaging, but now reinforced with tensile material, a reliable flow, and less plastic overload in the inhalation. Safer in every way, and as far as glass water pipes are concerned, this is the crème de la crème.

2.    The Beaker

Infamous glass water pipes

The Beaker is more a design than a specific bong, the shape has become synonymous with class and utility, especially when it comes to glass water pipes. The sturdy base make knocking it over a thing of the past, and the infinite number of deigns make for some very creative experiences for those who dare to try.

Our particular favourite is in the rainbow varieties in terms of aesthetic. In terms of function, the long stem may not be suited for all, but for the seasoned smokers, this particular style and design cannot be missed.

3.    The Juicy Mama Series By Mia Shea

Fairly new on the marketplace, this range of voluptuous and artsy style bongs are taking the world by storm. Made by famous bong supplier Mia Shea, this range combines the unique aesthetics of a modern art piece, with the practicality and overall experience of classic, tried-and-true glass water pipes.

A lot of modern smokers seem to be following the same principle of aesthetics and considering their bongs to be just as artful as a sculpture. This brings newfound designs that are focused supremely on looking incredible on the table, as well as being practical to smoke with.

4.    The Genie Bottle

Rounding off our list of essential glass water pipes is the Genie Bottle. Another unique and veritably beautiful design, this piece is reinforced for heavy use, and looks absolutely incredible to boot. Heavy walled and designed and manufactured in California, the double wall ensures sturdiness, while the shape and handling capabilities make it one of the easiest glass water pipes to use on the market.

In the end, whether you are a seasoned veteran smoker, or simply looking to get into the industry for the first time – when it comes to glass water pipes, there’s no substitute for quality.