The Advantages of Family Lawyers in Sydney

mother, father and a baby

Going through a marriage breakdown can be intense. The whole process isn’t just emotionally and physically tiring, it’s also really costly. Indeed, breaking up your partner, splitting up your combined assets and organizing child custody arrangements (if you have children) is all going to cost money. Whilst the rate of marriage breakdowns is falling, it isn’t cheap hiring one family lawyer in Sydney. Nonetheless, it’s certainly a better alternative to not hiring a solicitor and losing out on some of your assets. You might end up with unfavorable child custody hours, meaning you could miss out on all the big moments in your child’s life. It’s really important to be proactive and seek legal representation. This will allow you to move forward with your life and get back on track. So, here are some of the main reasons why you should hire the best family law solicitor in Sydney, should you be in need of one.


Technical experience

A solicitor understands the law. They’ve spent years studying it at university and they’ve likely spent years practicing it. The fact of the matter is you don’t have this knowledge. Your solicitor will be aware of all the necessary processes involved in building a strong case. They’ll ensure that your documentation is finalized and delivered to the Court in a timely manner, which will help you achieve a better outcome for your family law matter.

On top of this, if you hire one of the best family law solicitors in Sydney, you will benefit from their experience. Incredibly complex family law matters often go to Court, particularly if there has been an issue relating to domestic violence or abuse. Your solicitor can help prepare you for the courtroom, which can be frightening and nauseating for a lot of individuals. They can help you with all the legal jargon, rhetoric and how to address the key figures in the courtroom.



Your solicitor will be someone who will keep you grounded. You don’t want someone who is feeding you optimistic and exaggerated claims. You need someone that is going to be upfront and honest with you. Not having one of the best family lawyers in Sydney by your side will do more harm than good. You could get carried away – you need someone who is well-versed in the legal framework and experienced in a wide array of cases.

Your solicitor is also required to put the interests of any children before that of the parents/guardians. As you reflect on past memories, you need someone impartial, striving to achieve the best outcome for you.


Clear communication

lawyer talking to someone on the phone

Solicitors and barristers have to communicate in a courtroom. As a result, they often possess strong communication skills and confidence in public speaking. Not all of us are great at public speaking, so make sure you hire one of the best family lawyer in Sydney so they can do all the talking.


Clear direction

With a solicitor by your side, you’ll also have clear legal direction when it comes to your case. Your legal team will be prepared for anything, so you’ll benefit from a strong, clearly defined case that acts in the best interests of everyone. As a result, be sure to get in touch with a family lawyer in Sydney, so you can develop a solid case that appeals to your strengths.


Pricing policies

Many of the family lawyers in Sydney suffer from the stigma of being overpriced and expensive. The Australian legal market has become saturated in recent years, which only bodes well for future prices. With more and more competition coming through, prices will be forced down to cater to customer needs and maintain ongoing clients and work. It is likely that more and more solicitors will begin offering pro-bono work in return for exposure and visibility in the market place.