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The Pros And Cons Of Mirror Splashback For Your Kitchen

Contemporary minimalist kitchen with mirror splashback

Mirror splashbacks are very beautiful and functional components of a kitchen, and have been a favoured option for kitchens across the world for ages now.

They have a wide range of options available that can suit any theme and cater to many different styles, making them versatile and handy for any situation.

Furthermore, they have functionality that isn’t seen in many other kitchen components which make them beneficial in terms of cleaning, hygiene, and maintenance. Not many options can offer this versatility in style and functionality, and mirror splashback for your kitchen is therefore a good option regardless of the situation. However, despite its positives, there are some drawbacks to choosing this option for your kitchen.

Here are some of the pros and cons of mirror splashback.


Gives a spacious feel to your kitchen

Many kitchens nowadays have a small or often cramped feel. This is due to kitchens becoming smaller due to costs of apartments, size reductions and other factors to do with this. With mirror splashback, it helps to create the illusion of a bigger kitchen as it brings a reflective surface and brighter colours which all help to create an image of a bigger space. It helps to reflect the light back into the kitchen, which is especially helpful if you have a small kitchen with small or no windows at all. Furthermore, it makes the kitchen seem more inviting due to the brighter atmosphere, and makes it more welcoming even during darker winter days. Compared to other options such as tile or stone, you do not get this same amount of reflection and choosing other options could hinder the atmosphere of your kitchen, especially if it is small.


Lots of style options

Mirror splashbacks come in a variety of different colours, styles and patterns. For example, you are able to choose colours such as a simple solid colour. If you want to spice it up a bit, you can choose designs such as fruit or crockeries. These different styles can help to accentuate the theme of your kitchen. If you are going for just one certain style, choosing the one to match can make the theme fit well and your kitchen will look consistent. If your kitchen is following a modern and/or contemporary theme (as is currently trendy and popular amongst the interior design community and the market place), then having brighter coloured glass splashbacks can give the room a pop of colour. Moreover, you can enhance the look of your kitchen with customizable LED lighting!



One of the cons of mirror splashbacks is the installation.

The process of its installation is more complex than the other options.

As it is made out of glass, it needs to be handled very carefully in order for it not to break, as it is very easy to. In addition to this, it needs to have a neat and professional finish when installed, which means a skilled professional and tools are required to complete its look. The installation process involves making sure that the mirror splashbacks fit well and that the professional fits it correctly. Mirror splashbacks are customizable and can look amazing, however, they are more expensive because of this and the labour costs of its complex installation. For the reasons above, it is definitely a more complex and expensive process than the other stove splashbacks options.


In summary, mirror splashbacks have great versatility when it comes to its functionality and its aesthetics, however, mirror splashback includes a complex process to install as well as higher than average expenses.