Things To Know About Buying Online Wedding Invitations

man holding a ring behind his back

Your marriage ceremony is obviously very important to you and you would want to make sure even the small things, such as wedding invitations, are taken care of properly. Not only do you want them to serve their primary purpose of letting people know about the event, you want them to get your guests excited about attending.

It can be easy to get overwhelmed with other elements of planning and forget about doing a good job with your special letters, starting from your engagement party invitations up to your wedding cards. If you fail to send letters that are of a reasonable quality within a reasonable timeframe, you open up a lot of issues (such as poor attendance) for your big day.

It would be a real shame if you had low attendance on your dream day because you didn’t take your wedding invitations seriously enough. Let’s take a look at some tips you should remember when creating and sending out these letters.


Make sure your language is consistent

Your formal wedding invitations should have formal wording and create a sense of elegance around the event. You want your guests to feel special for being chosen to attend and not like they were just an afterthought to fill-up seats.

Avoid using nicknames or other informal things if you can. If a guest is a doctor or professor or has some other kind of professional title, address them with that on the letter.


Put the woman’s name first

This is purely a tradition that you don’t need to follow – but you’ll be glad you knew about if you care about doing traditional letters. If you’re keeping everything elegant and refined, this is probably the way to go.


Colour coordination

colour scheme

Make sure that your letters match the overall visual theme of your ceremony so that there is a consistent visual motif. For example, if flowers feature prominently at your ceremony than using a floral pattern to decorate your wedding invitations makes a lot of sense.



Make sure you include some actual useful information in the letter as well! There should be details on what the best way for people to get there is and park their cars safely.


Keep one for yourself as a keepsake

This is pretty self-explanatory. Most couples forget to keep one of their wedding invitations for themselves as a keepsake, so don’t make this mistake!


Don’t mention gifts or a registry

It is regarded to be in poor taste for you to hint about gifts or a gift registry in your wedding invitations. It is better to organise this via word of mouth rather than bombard guests with expectations of what goodies you want.


Don’t use too many fonts and colours

Some people have absolutely no aesthetic taste when it comes to designing things and you might be one of those people. Don’t use lots of different colours and fonts thinking it’s exciting – it looks terrible, just don’t.


Make the guest list public

While your wedding invitations are meant to get people excited about celebrating you and your partner, they will also be excited about the ‘party’ aspect and seeing other people too. Don’t hesitate to display the guest list so that everyone can talk to each other and get excited together.

Hopefully the above information gives you some more insight into how to create the best wedding invitations for your big day.