Three Reasons Why You Should Choose SMA Inverter for Your Solar Energy

SMA inverter

Everything that utilizes electricity today is powered by alternating current (AC), which is the most common kind. Direct current (DC) power is generated by solar panels. Your electrical appliances won’t work until you convert this DC form to AC form. An inverter is a piece of equipment that converts voltages and currents. A solar energy system’s second-most significant component is the inverter.

One of the most used inverters is SMA inverter which has maintained its position as the most widely used inverter in the world throughout this period. SMA inverters are used in more solar power installations throughout the globe than any other company.

When it comes to solar systems, the inverter is the most important component. No one understands SMA inverters better than SMA’s installers and businesses. SMA has been continuously studying, monitoring, analyzing, creating, and manufacturing home solar inverters ever since they made the world’s first commercial home solar inverters over two decades ago.

The solar inverter is the most critical component of a home solar system in terms of technical considerations. The solar cells provide direct current, which is then converted to the grid-compliant alternating current for usage in the house by this device such as SMA inverters. Commonly, they used a central inverter to convert the DC energy generated by solar panels into the AC current that powers residences.

Today we will give you three best reasons why you should use SMA inverters to power up your solar energy channels for your house.

Secured Electricity Supply

Electrician installing SMA inverter

Secure Power Supply (SPS) is a unique characteristic of SMA inverters (SPS). In the event of a power outage, the SPS serves as a standby power supply.

You may use the SPS, a 2000-watt power source, even if the grid is down, to draw electricity from your solar panels in the event of a power outage. This is a good way to keep essential appliances running in the event of a power loss.

Because the SPS uses the panels’ energy in real-time, you must make sure they are facing the sun if you want this function to operate. At night or during severe storms, the SPS cannot stand in for a grid-tie system that is fully equipped with energy storage.

Additional Optimizers

Power optimizers are required for some additional solar systems to function. The SMA inverters don’t come with a built-in optimizer. If you like, you may start with the basic SMA inverters kit and later retrofit optimizers to the panels.

In the summer, your system could be completely exposed to the sun, but in the winter, your home forms a longer shadow and partially blocks your array from receiving sunlight. It is possible to re-optimize the shaded panels and restore their output back to its original level.

However, there is a cost to this. The SMA inverter’s SPS capability is lost when optimizers are added. For the sake of future models, this omission should be addressed. There’s nothing wrong with having the option of retrofitting a power optimizer to your solar panels should the necessity arise.

Great Customer Service

In terms of customer service, SMA inverters are amongst the finest. Their customer service techs are well-versed and quick to respond to emails and phone calls. They also provide comprehensive product documentation to assist customers in the installation, programming, and troubleshooting of their devices.In a perfect world, excellent customer service would be included as standard equipment, but that isn’t always the case. The distributor is sometimes the only point of contact for technical concerns and warranty return requests with certain solar manufacturers that don’t even provide direct-to-consumer assistance.