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Top Five British Sweets to Try

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Taking sweets as a snack is probably the most enjoyable thing one can ever do. It is particularly true because sweets are known to raise one’s spirits as they stimulate the production of happy hormones. Therefore, consuming candy in the right portion provides the body with all the benefits needed. That is why the Britons include sweet snacking in their diets.

However, it is worth noting that too much sweet ingestion can be harmful to our health. Eating a lot of candy contributes to consuming more calories that end up causing excess body weight. With that said, you should only eat a considerable amount of sweets per day while watching your weight and other health issues. In this article, we focus on the top British sweets available in the market. These sweets make our world move.

British Sweets To Try

The best way to enjoy a sweet treat is when you are engaging in a stroll with your friend or dog in the park. And knowing about the right sweets to try provides the liberty to choose when you go to the market. Here are some of the best British sweets you should try to improve your mood generally.

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk

top British sweets

It is the most famous and common confectionary on all shelves in most stores. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk is a bar of creamy chocolate and provides a velvety, sweet taste in the mouth. The taste remains on your tongue as you savor the flavors. Cadbury Dairy Milk comes in various bars and flavors to meet different preferences. You can get the caramel, whole nut (hazelnuts), or the Fruit &Nut options in the store to choose from. It is one of the best British sweets enjoyable for both kids and adults.


If you have tasted the M&Ms, then you would love these British sweets called Smarties. They are tasty and packaged in colorful hexagonal tubes. The shell on this candy is slightly thin compared to M&M’s and is not as crunchy. And unlike the M&Ms, the Smarties are all chocolate with a slight flavor on the brightly colored ones.

Drumstick Squashies

Who would have thought a drumstick could be associated with sweets! Well, these Squashies beg to differ because they are as sweet as they come -unlike any piece of poultry. These British sweets are somewhere between a gummy bear and a marshmallow. They are soft and creamy, and fruity. The best part about these sweets is that they will not stick to your teeth. Also, you can have them in different flavors, including sour cherry and apple, bubblegum, raspberry and milk. Drumstick squashies also come in form of a lollipop.

Jelly Babies

Candies can be confusing when it comes to identifying them. For instance, Jelly babies are just like gummy bears at a glance. However, once you give them a taste, you will note the difference. These British sweets are slightly denser than gummy bears and come in tiny shapes of babies. Jelly babies are sweet with a white starch coating to provide more detail in the flavor. These sweets have been around for more than a century and were referred to as Peace Babies, shortly after World War I.

Mars Bars

This list of top British sweets is not complete without the Mars Bars. Just like the American Milky Way candy bars, these bars taste heavenly. The candy bar consists of nougat and caramel with a chocolate layer coating. This bar provides a satisfying taste in the mouth, and both kids and adults can indulge in the sweetness.

Sweets are good for the body when taken in considerable amounts. They are an ideal addition to most diets as they provide a happy feeling to most people. If you are looking to enjoy a good snack or dessert, try these British sweets.