Why And When You Should Be Using A Mobile Truck Tyre Changer

mechanic changing tires using a mobile truck tyre changer

A mobile truck tyre changer is used to change the tire of large vehicles.

This needs to be done with special equipment as these vehicles are very big in size and their tires are much bigger than that of a normal-sized vehicle, meaning that industrial-grade equipment is required in order to switch out tires. There are a variety of different reasons to be using a mobile truck tyre changer, mostly to do with the condition that a tire is in, when it should be swapped and also the dangers associated with leaving on a tire that is in bad condition. A mobile truck tyre changer can be handled safely and can switch out tires that pose a hazard to those around it as well as saving some money.

Here is why and when you should be using a mobile truck tyre changer.

Tire wear

It is a known fact that tires will at some point wear out over time, and will need to be replaced with a mobile truck tyre changer.

Being constantly exposed to the road, the rubber will hold its ground for some time before eventually giving way to wear and tear. When a tire wears down, it can lose grip due to becoming smooth which can become a hazard on the road, especially during wet weather. The tires can lose grip on wet surfaces and slip, causing the vehicle to sway which is a danger to the driver and others on the road. Furthermore, smooth tires are a fineable offence and can cost you money. Moreover, when tires wear out they can be punctured and have rips in them easily. This is also a hazard as well as being an inconvenience on the road. It is better to switch out worn-out tires with a mobile truck tyre changer before they become a problem. Another reason to change out the tires using a mobile truck tyre changer is because of tire aging. Tire aging will occur when the rubber begins to change over time due to exposure to the road and the elements. This happens because of storage or environmental conditions and the amount of usage a tire will see when driving. This can also occur when a tire is seeing no use and is sitting in storage for long periods of time.

Some signs that your tire needs to be replaced

man fixing a car's tire

There are many tell-tale signs that a tire needs to be switched out with a mobile truck tyre changer. These signs can include tread wear. A tire’s tread is important as it determines the grip, as mentioned previously. You can use tests such as the Penny Test method or you can go by eye to see whether you need to use a mobile truck tyre changer. Another sign is having bulges or bubbles on the tire. This will usually indicate that the internal frame has been damaged, meaning that air pressure can now reach the outer layers of the tire. Any tires with bulges or bubbles should be changed immediately regardless of the tread wear status. Feeling vibration in the steering wheel when driving can be an indicator of poor alignment and this should definitely be checked by a professional. If you see cracks or cuts in the tire it will need to be switched out by a mobile truck tyre changer as this is a sign of tire aging or other damage.

In summary, a mobile truck tyre changer should be used when you notice signs of tire wear or aging. This can include decreased tread, bulges or bubbles and/or cracks and cuts. This is important to keep safe on the roads.